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Behind the Book Interview: Kicking Ashe

PE-5-webThe (mostly) true story behind the writing of Kicking Ashe

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Not long after finishing my second or third book (I forget), I started a tradition of interviewing myself about the process of writing my latest book. It's the story behind the story that only I can know--and only I can coax out of myself. It's a little weird, but it helps me capture the things about the story that I'm sure I'll remember forever, but forget when I start the next book. So, without further fanfare, here is the Interview:

Me: This is, for now at least, the last book in your Project Enterprise series. How do you feel about reaching the end?

Myself: It's an odd mix of relieved and sad. When I wrote The Key, the book that launched Project Enterprise--not to mention my turn into writing science fiction romance--I had no idea it would grow into five novels and two short stories (in Dreamspell Steampunk and A Death in Texas anthologies). Nor did I suspect I would end up mixing up steampunk with my science fiction romance along the way. 

Me: It has indeed been a strange journey, one that almost made our head explode.

Myself: Several times.

Me: There does seem to be a pattern emerging. What elements caused the near head exploding, do you think?

Myself: Duh. The time travel. And the steampunk mixed into the SFR. 

Me: The duh was uncalled for. Ahem, it is true you had some concern about both, did you not?

Myself: Duh again. Since they almost made my head explode. And I wondered how readers would react to the steampunk.

Me: Since many of them had never heard of steampunk, it was a valid concern. What were some other problems you dealt with while mixing your steampunk into your SFR?

Myself: Researching fake science is, of course, always challenging. And just dealing with the whimsy and humor of steampunk proved challenging.

Me: Could you explain why?

Myself: Well, take the names. Someone has commented that my "transmogrification" machine sounds very Calvin and Hobbes, but it is actually a real word that means "to transform." In my real research of Victorian times, I noticed that inventions got kind of whack names, so I wanted to carry that into my characters' fictional inventions. It had the added benefit of being hard to pronounce with any dignity and I use that as a sort of running joke in the books that follow Tangled in Time, where the machine is introduced. I did realize that some readers might have trouble with my mix of genres.

Me: And that has never stopped you mixing them up before, has it?

Myself: (a bit sheepishly) No. 

Me: Let's talk specifically about Kicking Ashe. 

Myself: This is where you want me to confess that it was supposed to be a novella, right?

Me: They say confession is good for the soul. 

Myself: Whose soul is it? Me, myself or I?

Me: Mine, of course.

Myself: Mine is here?

Me: Focus. In the past, you've written what have come to be known as the BABs (big ass books). This novella what wasn't, you call it….

Myself: The mini-BAB, because its about 68,000 words. Too much for a novella, but seriously shorter than a BAB. Happy now?

Me: Why yes, yes I am. (nod to Phineas and Ferb!)

Myself: I'll just pretend you asked and add that this book tells readers what happened to Ashe who got left in a precarious position at the end of Steamrolled.

Me: And there is another familiar character, is there not?

Myself: You know it. Vidor Shan, the semi-bad dude of Girl Gone Nova gets his chance to make some better, more heroic choices. I had not intended this, but got several requests to boost his heroic profile. 

Me: Is this book another SFR/steampunk blend?

Myself: While some of the steampunk elements litter this story, it is primarily a science fiction romance adventure tale. And there is probably enough space action to qualify it as space opera, too. 

Me: Any last words before we turn our attention to the next novel?

Myself: I hope that readers will feel satisfied with this series wrap up and enjoy Kicking Ashe  more than, well, Ashe, cause she did get her tush kicked. 

Me: Do we have a release date?

Myself: Is "soon" a release date?

Me: Perhaps we'll update this interview once we have something a bit more firm. In the meantime, I have posted the first excerpt of Kicking Ashe for your teasing pleasure! Hope you enjoy it and stayed tuned for release updates and contest news!

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