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Behind the book: I interview me 

I Interview Me about what it was like to interview me, myself and I.

by I

I told a friend I was interviewing myself and she said, "How weird is that?" I had to concur, so I decided to ask myself what it was like to interview me. Myself was amenable to talking about the experience as long as there were no doctors in attendance.

We chose a quiet place, away from my office, for the interview. As is typical with me, myself and I, there was Diet Dr. Pepper and Junior Mints close at hand. I jumped right into the questions, figuring it was best not to beat around the bush.

I: So, what was it like to interview me? It's a pretty weird thing to do, you know.

Me: Oh, I know, but I don't have to tell you how easy it was. I'm beginning to wonder if I have MPD or something, but then, would I remember it all, if I did?

I: I'm I, you're Me.

Me: Oh, right. This is getting a bit confusing, isn't it?

I: I think we passed confusing a long time ago, but as long as we're all okay...

Me: (looking around) Well, we're still at home. No padded room or suit that buckles in the back.

I: True. So we're okay?

Me: I'm okay. Are you okay?

I: I'm okay. So, you think you'll do this again?

Me: Oh yeah. Just remind me, okay?

I: I'd better write it down. You know how my memory is.

Me: You're what?

I: I forget....

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