Let's Fall in Love cover art
Part of the Short Story series:

Let’s fall in love and into…

An ALL NEW short story and three previously released short romance stories. 

This collection includes:

New!!! Let’s Fall in Love - Nic and Lexie fell in love, but can they stay in love with their families pulling them apart?

Falling for her Alien - Marrying a man she'd met once was a bad idea. When the guy was ET, it was insane—even if they were anatomically compatible… (Formerly “Comfort Zone,” Romance Collection, L&L Dreamspell)

Almost Over You -  Liz was sure her marriage was over. Was it too late for Steven to make her fall in love with him again? (Originally released in the  Romance Collection, L&L Dreamspell)

Wanting Willa - The one thing Max never did was fall in love. Until he met Willa… (Formerly “Falling for Willa,”  Romance Collection, L&L Dreamspell)

Let’s Fall in Love

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