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Lonesome Lawmen Trilogy

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The Last Enemy


Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award Winner 1999

Byte Me


Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award Nominee 2000

Missing You


Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award Winner 2001

Three romantic suspense novels and a bonus short story.

Book One: 

Haunted by the death of her child and stalked by a killer, romance author Dani Gwynne wants to want to live long enough to testify. And then her protection detail is compromised. She’s on her own in the mile high city of Denver, trying to figure out who to trust.

And why she’s trying so hard to live…

Deputy US Marshal Matthew Kirby knows he’s the good guy. And this is simple. She trusts him and he stops a lethal hit man for good. End of story.

With the clock ticking down on a macabre game of hide and seek with hit man, the romance author must find her will to live and love again. And the Marshal must learn that nothing is simple in life, in death, and particularly in love.

What others have to say: 

"I very much enjoyed Ms. Jones' blend of romance, suspense, and comedy. Her characters are very dimensional. The hit man still haunts me because of the way his depth is revealed as the story unfolds. Action and comedy are smoothly written, making it easy to watch it as a movie in your head. But, don't count on intermissions, you'll want to read it straight through." Midwest Book Review

"A highly suspenseful, should-be-a-movie, totally entertaining tale of derring-do, the Last Enemy defies categorization--at least by me. All I can tell you is: I enjoyed every word and was sorry when I reached the end. If you really liked the movie, Romancing the Stone, then you will absolutely love The Last Enemy and be clamoring at Hollywood's gates to make this book into the next "really great movie." Very Highly Recommended, Under the Cover Reviews

"Pauline B. Jones is back with another terrific tale that will make readers want to savor each and every line. More suspenseful than her first book, THE LAST ENEMY still contains a large element of humor that really spices up this dynamite novel." 4 & 1/2 Stars from Romantic Times

"Jones pulls together many different elements and story lines in her skillfully written novel and combines elements of flowery romances, suspenseful thrillers, and hard-boiled mysteries to create an engaging, fast-paced story full of unexpected twists and turns." Booklist

Tags: romantic suspense, no sex, sexual tension, Denver, Long's Peak, Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park, romance author heroine, US Marshals hero, humor, mild violence, mild swearing.

Book Two

A lawmen meets his perfect match. Too bad he has to arrest her.

To revenge her sister’s death Phoebe Mentel will risky everything to bring down the powerfully connected killer hiding in plain sight. She has everything on her side but the law.

Deputy US Marshal Jake Kirby knows the law isn’t perfect, but it is what it is. And it’s his job to enforce it. A top tracker, he’s hot on the trail of a gang of cyber thieves with an unusual agenda who haven’t made a mistake.

Until now.

Following a faint trail—and his gut—Jake heads home to Colorado and the country and western bar managed by the sexy, mysterious Phoebe. 

Instant attraction quickly complicates this high tech game with a killer willing to throw out the rules to get what he wants.

"Pauline Jones is an accomplished writer able to engage superbly crafted characters with plot-line surprises that play fair with both her story, her characters, and her readers. Also highly recommended is her earlier novels, The Last Enemy and The Spy Who Kissed Me." Midwest Book Review

"Ms. Jones makes a large splash with each new book and Byte Me is no exception. The intricate plot and compelling characters make this a nail-biting read." Four and one-half stars and a December Top Pick, Romantic Times Magazine

"Ms. Jones does an incredible job of using words to paint the backdrop surrounding this lush tale of romance, suspense and intrigue. Jake is a strong, determined Marshal who kept the action at a max throughout the story. Phoebe is also headstrong, smart and sexy, as she provides a great partner for Jake. The romance adds charm to Byte Me. Byte Me  has already gained quite a following, and I feel that the re-release...will gain a number of additional fans." The Romance Reader's Connection

Tags: romantic suspense, no sex, sexual tension, Denver, Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park, US Marshals hero, humor, mild violence, mild swearing, high tech thief.

Book Three

A lonely lawman finds love again. If only she could remember her name…

Denver Homicide detective Luke Kirby believed he’d found love and lost it. On the anniversary of his wife’s death, all he wants is peace and quiet, so he heads up to the family cabin in the mountains near Long’s Peak. Instead he finds trouble. A beautiful and mysterious woman has taken refuge in his cabin as a storm moves in, but there is a bigger storm brewing. 

She’s lost her memory, but she hasn’t lost the trouble that landed her there. 

With no memory of her name, and memories that don’t seem to connect, “Goldie” needs to find out if she’s a good girl or bad—and do it fast…though looking at Luke makes her wonder if being bad couldn’t be good… 

To untangle this mess, the brothers Kirby must join forces before Luke’s heart troubles are ended permanently. 

"This rounds out the marvelous Lonesome Lawmen Trilogy. The wonderful characters from previous books are back, making this a truly exciting, engaging read! Talented author Pauline Baird Jones' star is on the rise!" Romantic Times

"Fans of Tami Hoag, Iris Johansen, and Catherine Coulter's Sherlock and Savich series will find Jones' fast-paced and suspenseful romance satisfying, even though it's kinder and gentler...Teen fans of contemporary adult romantic suspense may enjoy this..." Booklist

"Missing You keeps you on the edge of your seat, as Luke and “Amelia” have to make a fast getaway on skis and evade the baddies who are after them. More intrigue and secrets are revealed as this story takes you for a downhill race into danger and romance. I loved it! Pauline Baird Jones is a master at creating superb romantic suspense. I knew she was going to be a star the moment I read her first book. Her books are all keepers." Suzanne Scoleburn, Reader to Reader

Tags: romantic suspense, no sex, sexual tension, Denver, Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park, Denver Homicide detective hero, amnesia, humor, mild violence, mild swearing, green terrorists.

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