two deer lunching in the snow
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So, yeah, this does not look like a wormhole. I think these twins are wishing for a wormhole, which (loosely) fits my Friday theme? Maybe a little?

It has certainly been a winter for the record books here. After a lovely (and traumatic) warm spell that reduced the piles of snow very rapidly (the traumatic part), we are back in cold, windy and snowy (though it isn’t piling up this time, mostly just blowing around).

Hopefully spring will finally arrive and I can blog about something besides the weather. lol What are you ready to change?

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Project Enterprise series

Need a #Wormhole to Warmer

One thought on “Need a #Wormhole to Warmer

  • March 3, 2017 at 11:54 am

    Oh I’m waiting for warm weather. I don’t like the cold, although here in the U.K. We have had it very mild. Just lots and lots of rain. I like to that we are getting lighter nights

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