Some years ago, when I was a newbie author, I started interviewing myself because no one else was. I called them “The Behind the Book” interviews. And then I went one step further and interviewed myself about what it was like to interview me.

Yeah, it got a little weird.

But I do get questions from readers and visitors to this blog and my website. So I thought, maybe it is time to interview me again. To find out if I have any burning answers to those questions and what my plans are going forward.

Usually, in the BTB interviews, I interview Me, while Myself just hangs around to mock us. But since then I’ve been doing the Perilous P thing (if you don’t remember The Perils of Pauline be grateful), so it’s caused some confusion with Me, Myself and I. So today’s interview will be conducted by Pauline (Me) and answered by Perilous P (I). If you’re still confused, well, welcome to Monday.
So, let’s get this started before things get even more weird.

Pauline: Hi, Perilous P, thanks for stopping by the blog today.
Perilous P: Um, right. Sure. Cuz I’m never here.
Pauline: Let’s pretend, okay? You know you know how.
Perilous P: Fine. I am happy to “stop by.” [air quotes here by Perilous P]
Pauline: So, let’s answer some reader questions first. You’ve been asked about Out of Time, if there will be a sequel. Ever.

Let's Fall in Love cover art
Coming in May!

Perilous P: We—I always meant to write a sequel. I was going to get right to it after I finished The Key…so yeah, kind of dropped the ball there. The good news is, I’ve added it to my upcoming projects list. I still need to finish a new science fiction romance, then the next installment in The Big Uneasy, my romantic suspense series, but I’ve opened a folder and I’m taking notes.
Pauline: (That’s actually a good sign. She doesn’t open a folder for just any story idea.) So now that you’re independent publishing, not only do you have a projects list, but you have a Plan?
Perilous P: I do. I’m rather jazzed about that. I’m excited to be back writing romantic suspense (and in New Orleans, no less), but I also love, love, love writing science fiction romance (yes, it shocks me, too), so will definitely keep writing it. My projects haven’t come to fruition quite as fast as I’d hoped, but Life Happens (and it helped solidify the title of this blog).
Pauline: I know The Big Uneasy is a planned series, but you concluded your Project Enterprise series, didn’t you?
Perilous P: The main story line was concluded, but I have a plan… bwahahaha.
Pauline: Any news on the release of A Dangerous Dance?
Perilous P: Yeah, that has been a bumpy road getting it done, but I’m working on it and I should have release news soon. I’m also excited that I’m getting my romance short stories back on sale. The first one, Take a Chance on Me, released yesterday and Let’s Fall in Love will probably release in May.
Pauline: This is sort of a re-release, right?
Perilous P: That’s right. Most of the stories were bundled into Romance Collection, released by L&L Dreamspell, my former publisher. I decided to break up the set to make it more reader friendly. And I’m writing a new short story to include in Let’s Fall in Love.
Pauline: What’s the best way to get breaking news on your evil plans? Or upcoming releases?
Perilous P: Why subscribe to my newsletter. I’ll only be sending it out for new releases. And of course, visit this blog and or my website. Or there are my social media links up there by the blog title. (Don’t they look cute? My designer made them just for me.)
Pauline: Other semi-breaking news?
Perilous P: I am glad you asked. LOL I’m participating in the Brenda Novak May Auction with the SFR Brigade. I’ve got an awesome gift basket that will be awaiting bids on May 1. I’ll be posting links and more info on April 30. And of course, I’ll mention it a few (thousand) times during May, since the auction will run for the entire month. It’s a great cause and I’m excited to be part of it. 🙂

Okay, that concludes the interview of Perilous P. In an attempt to return to normal, I’ll ask blog visitors a question. So how weird was it? Did you learn anything you actually wanted to learn? Cuz you know comments are entered into my monthly drawing for an AnaBanana gift basket ($25 value). The winner is announced the first blog post of the new month. 🙂

AnaBanana logoPerilously yours,

If you enjoyed the interview, or are suitably incredulous, here’s a tweet so you can spread the weird/amazement around:

“Pauline interviews Perilous P! Breaking news! Lots of weird! #perilousp #brendanovakauction”

They are ready to take that chance again (and it’s about time).

Take a Chance on Me Cover art
Is it time to take a chance on love…

To buy this collection, or find out more about it, click here. 🙂

Perilous P’s Interview “Selfie”
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  • April 22, 2014 at 11:30 am

    Mathair and I have gone through great lengths discussing this particular interview and we’ve come to the conclusion that you have cornered the market on “Selfie Interviews”. LOL Only you would be awesome enough to do that! 😉 Great interview, Pauline, but we sympathize with the weight of your work load. So many projects going on at once, but how else will we get those voices to stop! 😀
    Inion N. Mathair recently posted…A Year & ReviewMy Profile

    • April 22, 2014 at 11:35 am

      Oh my gosh! I love it! The “selfie interview!” LOLOL I always feel a bit MPD when I do them. I did not know I had so many opinions. LOL I might have to change my title. That is awesome.

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