Breaking New!

I’m excited to announce that The Key is now available in four parts! The serial release is for readers who like their books in smaller bites. First part is FREE. And Girl Gone Nova is now available in parts, with Steamrolled coming to serial in Jan 2015! 

You can preorder Dead Spaces from ibooks!

Available now! Core Punch, the first book in my new mystery/science fiction series!

An Easy Future (New!)

In order of release:

Core Punch (June, 2014)

Sucker Punch (coming in 2015)


Project Enterprise

In Order of Release:

 (Project Universe 1) The Key (also available in four parts, with first part free!)

(Project Universe 2) Girl Gone Nova (will soon be available in four parts, with the first part free!)

(Project Universe 3) Tangled in Time

(Project Universe 4) Steamrolled (will soon be available in four parts, with the first part free!)

(Project Universe 5) Kicking Ashe 

Project Enterprise: The Story Stories


Out of Time

Humorous Mystery/suspense/ romance

Lone Gothic 

Most of my books are now available at iBooks, Amazon, NOOKGoogle Play, Kobo, and Coffee Time Romance Bookstore.

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Project Enterprise/Print

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My books in boxed sets:

Top Guns in Time and Space

Love on the Edge - Nine Shades of Romantic Suspense

Nebula Nights - Love Among the Stars 


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