Breaking News!

Take a Chance on Me, my mini romance collection is starting to release! And Let’s Fall in Love will release soon as well, probably in May!

Update! Project Enterprise arrives in print at Amazon!

I've got my books back out in digital. So what's NOT out yet: A Dangerous Dance and my Romance Collection (I plan to break the Romance Collection into two parts for re-release. Hoping to have a new story for #2. We'll see how that goes...)


In Order of Release:

 (Project Universe 1) The Key

(Project Universe 2) Girl Gone Nova

(Project Universe 3) Tangled in Time

(Project Universe 4) Steamrolled

(Project Universe 5) Kicking Ashe 

Project Enterprise: The Story Stories


Out of Time

Humorous Mystery/suspense/ romance

Lone Gothic (not avail)

Most of my books are now available at Amazon, B&N/NOOK, iBooks/Apple, OMNILIT/ARE, Google Play, Kobo, and Coffee Time Romance Bookstore.

Buy Project Enterprise in print:

Project Enterprise/Print

And if someone is desperate for a new print edition of one of my back list, well, email me. I have a few copies sitting around here. 

A complete bibliography of my books. 

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