Breaking New!

Available now! Core Punch, the first book in my new mystery/science fiction series!

I’m in a boxed set!!!! Again! You can still first boxed set!

An Easy Future (New!)

In order of release:

Core Punch (June, 2014)


Project Enterprise

In Order of Release:

 (Project Universe 1) The Key

(Project Universe 2) Girl Gone Nova

(Project Universe 3) Tangled in Time

(Project Universe 4) Steamrolled

(Project Universe 5) Kicking Ashe 

Project Enterprise: The Story Stories


Out of Time

Humorous Mystery/suspense/ romance

Lone Gothic (not avail)

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Buy Project Enterprise in print:

Project Enterprise/Print

And if someone is desperate for a new print edition of one of my back list, well, email me. I have a few copies sitting around here. 

A complete bibliography of my books. 

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My books in boxed sets:

Love on the Edge - Nine Shades of Romantic Suspense

Nebula Nights - Love Among the Stars 


My Short Story Collections: