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Do Wah Diddy Delete

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Coffee Time Romance

Do Wah Diddy Dead was first released in the Ghostly Dreamspell anthology.

If Miss Weena can put off dying to solve Miss Gracie's murder, then Luci can't play the pregnancy card to get out of playing side-kick. It's not like it will be dangerous. Miss Gracie has been dead--though not gone--for decades…

(This story follows my novel, Do Wah Diddy Die.)

Do Wah Diddy Die Already first appeared in the Dead and Breakfast anthology. 

Luci Seymour is out of the murder business and into the mom/wife/B&B business. Until the morning she sees a body in the freezer. But when she goes to call in her hubby, the dead guy walks in the front door. Not dead. Not even chilly…

(This story also features characters from Do Wah Diddy Dead.)

Deleting Dennis made its debut in The Mystery of of the Green Mist anthology.

Capri Hinkenlooper thought her name--and Monday mornings--were the worst things in her life, but then her fellow editor and all around slimy guy gets deleted with her letter opener. On the upside, the two homicide detectives are seriously cute…

"Deleting Dennis engaged this reader from the first sentence because of the author’s witty style of writing. Pauline Baird Jones provides a well-written mystery that is pure enjoyment." L&L Dreamspell blog, comments by JACQUELINE SEEWALD

Take a Chance on Me - A Romance Collection 


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Take a chance on romance with this collection of four short stories by an award-winning author…

Second Chance for the Sheik  - Ellie fell in love with the son of a sheik and he broke her heart. Now he's back, but it’s not just her heart at risk this time.... 

Give Love a Chance - A Trapini and a Maloney have as much chance of getting together as a Hatfield or McCoy. But the heart wants what the heart wants… 

Chance Encounter - What if you meet the right man at the wrong time? Lily was engaged and Theo was a stranger. Only he didn’t feel like a stranger… 

Last Chance for Love -  For Ric Hamilton, business came first, until he saw his beautiful PA dance the samba. And suddenly his first order of business was capturing her heart…. 

These four stories were previously released in Romance Collection.

Last Chance for Love -  For Ric Hamilton, business came first, until he saw his beautiful PA dance the samba. And suddenly his first order of business was capturing his PA’s heart…. (Formerly “Dance with Me,” Romance Collection, L&L Dreamspell)

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Let’s Fall in Love - A Romance Collection

An ALL NEW short story and three previously released short romance stories. 

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Let’s fall in love and into…

An ALL NEW short story and three previously released short romance stories. 

This collection includes: 

New!!! Let’s Fall in Love - Nic and Lexie fell in love, but can they stay in love with their families pulling them apart?

Falling for her Alien - Marrying a man she'd met once was a bad idea. When the guy was ET, it was insane—even if they were anatomically compatible… (Formerly “Comfort Zone,” Romance Collection, L&L Dreamspell)

Almost Over You -  Liz was sure her marriage was over. Was it too late for Steven to make her fall in love with him again? (Originally released in the  Romance Collection, L&L Dreamspell)

Wanting Willa - The one thing Max never did was fall in love. Until he met Willa… (Formerly “Falling for Willa,”  Romance Collection, L&L Dreamspell)

Read an excerpt. 


Project Enterprise - The Short Stories 

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This collection includes the two, connected stories from my Project Enterprise Series:

Men in Jeans - Originally published in the A Death in Texas anthology, Richard Daniels thinks life can't any stranger working at Area 51 until he gets assigned to find out where a Houston area SF writer gets the ideas for her books. Should be an easy assignment--if it weren't for the dead guy in her back yard and the non-business related ideas she's giving him.

(This story is a stand-alone and has a guest appearance by Kiernan Fyn from The Key.)

Steam Time - From Dreamspell Steampunk Vol One, the man formerly known as Tobias Smith hadn’t planned to ride along with Dr. Everly and his Medicine Show. Grifters gave him a pain their elixirs couldn’t heal. But he was headed to Marfa, too. And Everly’s “son” turned out to be a really fine looking damsel—one in distress when the ghost lights of Marfa bump them into an alternate reality complete with an automaton gang and airships. Could he be the good guy? Be the hero, save the day and get the girl? 

While all four stories are written well, Steam Time stands out from the rest." Manic Readers

"The characters are warm and the story complete with mystery, conflict and romance even though it is just a short story.  I particularly liked this one because Tobias Smith is a character from The Key and Girl Gone Nova which are two other stories of Pauline's that I really like."  Martha Reads

"I enjoyed all the stories in Dreamspell but I did have a favorite. I had just finished Steamrolled by Pauline Baird Jones when I read her story in Dreamspell.  Steam Time is a side story in the Steamrolled Universe." Mixed Book Bag