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The hubs and I thought we were pretty clever to down size our house when we got our final transfer from the hub’s employer 10+ years ago. We weren’t looking for our final living place (or resting place) at that time, but a place to be comfy while we found that place.

I have to smile at the “me” of back then. I don’t know why I thought no one would come visit us. I mean, I’m pretty sure our children love us. And there are enough of them (plus spouses and now the grand babies) to fill up more than one guest room

You read that right.

We bought a house with ONE guest room. And two bathrooms.


We’re lucky we didn’t end up in the above apartment building after being so clueless.

So now we need to upsize, before the final down size.

In the past, our house hunting happened because of transfer. We were under time constraints and had to move fast and make do with what was available.

This is the first time since we were in college that we’ve moved without a company assist.

It’s a bit intimidating.I’d probably not move if it weren’t for the single guest room. And the two bathrooms.
I’ve watched enough episodes of Love it or List It to know that we can make our house better, but we can’t make it bigger. So we’re looking around. Our wish list is pretty simple:

* Big enough for the whole family, while not being too big for us to clean when we are there alone.
* In a smallish town, but with enough land around it the hubs can feel like he’s in the country.
* Not so expensive we can’t afford to buy beds for the guest rooms.
* Not too cold outside, while still experiencing all four seasons.
* With a cemetery we wouldn’t mind waking up in on resurrection morning. (Our kids won’t talk about it, but we need to start thinking about it.)
* A super shower (yeah, I spend way too much time watching HGTV).

What is ironic about my list, so far I’ve only been drawn to historic houses. Cuz, you know they always have super showers. Oh well, I’ve always picked the house I can see myself living in. And now I’ve added: see my kids comfortable visiting and the grand babies playing safely…

What about you? Do your digs fit your family? Have you ever down sized too much? Up sized too much? Found that “just right” house? I’m feeling some pressure to get it right, because this will probably be the last house before, well, you know.

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Up Sizing After Down Sizing
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4 thoughts on “Up Sizing After Down Sizing

  • March 12, 2014 at 5:25 am

    My wife and I have moved several times over the course of our marriage; each time into smaller diggs than we left. I have only one regret to date. Our home is small, but we have some land. I decided to use some of it for gardening. That went well and it spawned an interest in canning the garden excess. Canned goods should be stored in a cool environment…like a basement. I’m now wishing we’d had a basement put under our house. Digging out a space and building walls under a house can be done — I helped my Dad to just that once — but it’s a lot of work because it is done all by hand. Maybe a root cellar would be better, Freestanding, not under the house: at least we could rent a back-how to dig out the hole!

    Good luck with your expansion project, Pauline!

    • March 12, 2014 at 5:51 am

      The hubs wants some land for a garden, too. I grew up in Wyoming, where cellars and root cellars were common. It feels weird not to have one here in TX. The root cellar might be the “easier” option for sure. Thank you so much! 😀

  • March 10, 2014 at 2:43 pm

    Upsizing is in my future! We’re planning to build our own place that will be a multi-generation home and we are putting our ideas together to find out what our wants & needs are. It may not be next year, but in a few years!
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