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What's Next?

Dec 11: Just uploaded two Project Enterprise bundles! 

Dec 1: All I Got For Christmas is availavble for sale!

Sept 17: Two releases for September, well, a preorder and a release! One Two Punch is a bundle of Core Punch and Sucker Punch! And Edge of Never boxed set is up for preorder (releasing Oct 12, 2015). My story in the set is called Specters in the Storm. It will release on its own next February (2016). 

July 20: And I did it! Sucker Punch is releasing as I type! I plan to put both books into a digital bundle, hopefully in August or September. But for now, the story begun in Core Punch is, I hope, satisfactorily concluded. For breaking news, be sure to sign up for my newsletter!

July 8: Holy cow, have not updated this page in a while and I have a LOT going on. Sometime around the 20th of July, I will be releasing Sucker Punch in digital. By the end of the year, I hope to put it and Core Punch together into a print edition, and yes, hoping to get Dead Spaces out in print, too. And audio. [looks at to-do list and cries for a moment]. I’m also going to be in a boxed set (well I won’t be in it, but something I wrote will!) that will release in Oct. This will be my first paranormal/science fiction/steampunk/romance/horror mashup (Specters in the Storm). The set will have some some amazing authors that I’m honored and amazed I get to work with. Once I have cover art, etc, I’ll set up a page, but mega excited. And if the Muses are kind, I should be releasing my first Christmas project this year, with a very dear friend. Pray they are kind. I will need kind because that’s FOUR projects in ONE year. Last year I released ONE new project. [pause to breathe into paper bag] And the end of the year is going to be mega-complicated because GRANDMA again. [doing happy dance] Best way to keep up to date on all my crazy is by subscribing to my newsletter (and get access to some free stuff). You can do it very easily using that little sign-up box to the left there that says “want to hear about new releases?” Okay, I’m going to get back to breathing in the bag now. Have a great day!

May 29: Okay, I wasn’t sure I’d get Dead Spaces out in May, but I did it! It’s appearing on the various vendors now. (Might still be on pre-order at iBooks, but it should deliver soon!)

May 2: I did a Behind the Book interview for Dead Spaces! And posted an excerpt

April 27: Oh man, I haven’t updated here in a while! But I have a great excuse! I’ve been writing. And writing some more. And Dead Spaces will release before the end of May. and Sucker Punch will release before the end of summer. Or earlier! I’ll have some other news, too, but not yet.  But it’s turning out to be a busy AND productive year! Yes, I used some exclamation points. I’m excited. lol

Feb 1: Steamrolled in Four Parts should be out at GooglePlay now and I think Kobo quit messing with my head. At least they posted my “My Writing Life” interview. :-) Still working on the new books and hoping to post cover art for Sucker Punch soon. Happy Valentine’s Month!

Jan 12: It’s a whole new year! That started with the flu, so I’m late sharing the release of Steamrolled in Four Parts. I will admit that I haven’t started at GooglePlay yet. Just ran out of steam. And Kobo is messing with my head. :-(

Dec 11: Well, I’ve gotten behind here! Sorry about that. What’s news is that The Key and Girl Gone Nova have released in parts, with the first parts free! Steamrolled will be breaking into parts in January, 2015! Also, Dead Spaces is available for preorder at iBooks! Sucker Punch should go up for preorder soon, too!

Oct 20: I’ve got The Key in four parts up already! But Amazon hasn’t price matched to free yet. 

Oct 16: I’ve been hard at work on getting ready to release The Key as a serial. The four parts should be available around the first of November. 

Oct 7: I’ve done some cover redesigns and posted the cover for the next Big Uneasy book! Dead Spaces should release in early 2015!

Sept 10: I did some re-packaging of my Lonesome Lawmen. Hope you’ll give them a look!

Sept 9: Wow, I see I haven’t updated here recently. Says a lot about my summer! Despite setbacks, I did have some releases this summer. Let’s Fall in Love and Take a Chance on Me releasing in audio. Two bundles, Love on the Edge and Nebula Nights. And last, but not least, Top Guns in Time and Space released on the 3rd. I’m hard at work on the next Big Uneasy novel and mapping out the next installment in my Uneasy Future. And trying not to notice the incoming holidays...

July 5: Love on the Edge, the boxed set that includes The Last Enemy and 8 other great romantic suspense novels is releasing!

June 10: Core Punch is releasing!

June 5: Family Treed is out in audio!

June 2: Check out the cover art for my upcoming release! Also, did some price dropping. Might take a few days to work through all the venues, but dropping prices as new release date approaches! To make sure you hear about it, sign up for my newsletter!

May 26: Starting to ramp things up for the release of Core Punch: An Uneasy Future 1.0. It’s the first book in a new mystery/science fiction romance series set in future New Orleans

May 21: A Dangerous Dance is now available at most online booksellers! 

May 16: A Dangerous Dance is for sale at ARE/OmniLit just until the 22nd! If you can’t wait, grab it now!

May 15: A Dangerous Dance is getting ready to release! I’m also have a rocking party on my blog on the 19th as I post my 400th blog post!

May 1: Let’s Fall in Love is out!

April 28th: A Dangerous Dance cover reveal! I’m expecting to start releasing it late in May, 2014!

April 26th: Let’s Fall in Love should start showing up at retailers, starting today through early May. :-)

April 18: I’m going to re-release my romance short stories very soon! The first one, Take a Chance on Me, should release by the end of April and Let’s Fall in Love should release in May! I’ve got some fun cover art for the collections, IMHO! Oh, and the hubs and I celebrate 38 years tomorrow!

April 4: My books are now available in Overdrive, which means available in ebook to libraries! If you want to request one of my books, grab this list to take or send to your library. :-)

March 27: Lots of real life stuff happening, but I’m back at work. Family Treed just came off Select and should start showing up at your favorite online store!

Feb 23: My Project Enterprise books have arrived at Amazon in print! (Kicking Ashe not there yet. Still proofing it.

Feb 22: I just approved The Key, Girl Gone Nova, Tangled in Time/Project Enterprise: The Short Stories, and Steamrolled for print! Kicking Ashe should get approved next week! Watch for links!

Feb 8: Uploading more books to the various vendors! Will have all of my science fiction romance almost done!

Feb 2: Just uploaded Do Wah Diddy Die and Mystery Collection to the various vendors. Not sure when they will go live, but excited! Also commissioned a new cover for The Key!

Jan 19: So my books are starting to show up at other online vendors! Watch Nook, iBooks, Kobo and GoogleBooks/ GooglePlay!

Jan 9: So I have decided to take my books out of Kindle Select. It will happen gradually over the next three months, which means I can upload those books at other ebook retail sites, like Apple, B&M, Kobo and GooglePlay. Some books will stay in Select into March. I’m also in the process of releasing my Project Enterprise series in print! With the new covers! Excited about that. :-)

Dec 31: So the year is ending. I got a lovely new review for Relatively Risky and I’m hard at work on a new SFR. The next book in The Big Uneasy is also percolating! Bring on 2014!!!

Nov 22: I’ve been doing a blogging challenge all this month. It’s kept me very busy. Still working on my next project, too!

Oct 29: I know it looks like I disappeared, but I didn’t. I’m busy working on my next book, well, actually next two books. One is science fiction romance and the other is The Big Uneasy 2. Yeah, here I am once more trying to write through the holidays. O.O

Sept 27: Family Treed is live on Amazon! I made it! I said it would release in Sept and I did it! Personal miracle. LOL!

Sept 17: Houston, we have BUNDLES! So, if you bought one book in my Lonesome Lawmen series, but have not yet the others, I've done a couple of mini bundles so you can tap into the bundle price w/o having to re-buy one you already have. Bundle 1 includes The Last Enemy and Byte Me. Bundle 2 has Byte Me and Missing You. Lonesome Mama can be purchased alone for a very affordable .99. 

Sept 16: I've got the cover art for Family Treed, my short story and next installment in The Big Uneasy. I'm also in the process of releasing some mini bundles in my Lonesome Lawmen series. 

Sept 6: Coming soon! Family Treed: A Big Uneasy Amuse Bouche (short story).

August 20: I'm excited to report that my Lonesome Lawmen bundle is back on sale!

August 13: Okay, now they are out (see the 12th!)! That leaves A Dangerous Dance  and my romance collection. And yes, working on something in my Big Uneasy series.

August 12: Steamrolled, Kicking Ashe, and Project Enterprise: The Short Stories are releasing in Kindle edition (free to Prime members!)

August 10: Tangled in Time is back on sale in Kindle edition!

August 9: I just uploaded Girl Gone Nova!  It should be on sale at Amazon later today! And now it is!!!!

August 5: My Mystery Collection is back in digital print!

July 30: Do Wah Diddy Die is back on sale!

July 26: The re-release of my back list continues with The Spy Who Kissed Me!

July 23: Out of Time is back on sale in Kindle format!

July 19: Missing You is available again in Kindle edition! And so is Lonesome Mama! 

July 17: And The Key is back on sale in ebook on Amzon. :-)

The Last Enemy is once more available in Kindle edition.

July 16: Byte Me is once more available in Kindle edition. 

July 12: Due to the tragic passing of one of my publishers, Linda Houle, L&L Dreamspell is shutting its doors. My books (except Relatively Risky) will begin to disappear from the various online vendors and will no longer be available (new) in print. Used copies will continue to be on sale, but I currently have no plans to re-issue my back list in print. It's hard to compete with the used price. I do have some stock on hand and may, at some point, put them on sale. 

My plan is to re-release my backlist in digital over the next couple of months. 

July 8: And in better news, Relatively Risky released in audio today!

I received some sad news from my publisher, L&L Dreamspell. They are closing their doors. My rights will revert to me and I will be working to get the digital editions back on sale as soon as I can. I will only be releasing print editions of new books going forward. I feel like there are enough used editions of my backlist out there, and I can't compete on price with used editions. I'm not sure exactly when the books will go off sale and not sure when they will be back up. Thanks for your patience as I work things out.

June 24: Mystery Collection audio book just went on sale!

June 11: I just approved the print edition of Relatively Risky! It will take a while to filter into Amazon and B&N and beyond, but it's available now in the Createspace store! Update! It's now available in print from Amazon already! Woot!

June 1: I just approved My Mystery Collection to go forward as an audio book and I'll be giving some audio books away on my blog this summer. Be sure to check my blog on June 6 for details. :-)

April 27: Relatively Risky and my Mystery Short Story Collection are now in audio production and should release this summer! I'm also working on the print edition of Relatively Risky and should have it out sometime in June. I've delayed the release so I can get it as right as I can make it!

April 2: Relatively Risky is now out at all the digital outlets. You can buy it at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iTunes and ARE. Click the book name for links or pop over to your favorite, digital bookstore! :-)

Mar 22: Relatively Risky just started to release! Check the book page for updated release sites! BUT, I did NOT DRM the book, so you can buy it anywhere and convert it for your device using Calibre. 

Feb 16: I just posted the first except of Relatively Risky!

Jan 31: Kicking Ashe won TWO Science Fiction Romance Galaxy Awards!

Jan 22: The Spy Who Kissed Me releases in audio!

Jan 18: Steamrolled is out in audio book on Audible, Amazon and iTunes!

Jan 17: Project Enterprise: The Short Stories released in audio on Audible and Amazon!

Jan 14: Missing You now available at Amazon, Audible and iTunes!

Jan 12: Missing You released in audio on Audible!

Jan 11: First look at my upcoming release! Relatively Risky should release late February, if all goes well. Which it usually doesn't, but I live in hope. Also living in hope for last few audio books to go on sale.

Dec 19: Out of Time, The Last Enemy, and A Dangerous Dance released in audio book! 

Dec 18: Tangled in Time releases in audio book!

Dec 17: Do Wah Diddy Die releases in audio book!

Dec 15: Kicking Ashe available in iTunes and on Amazon!

Dec 14: Kicking Ashe audio book out on Audible!

Dec 12: Girl Gone Nova and Lonesome Mama have also released in audio book! More incoming!

Nov 22: I have audio book news! Byte Me has released in audio and The Last Enemy and Lonesome Mama will soon follow! All my Project Enterprise books should be out by Christmas!

Oct 11: I haven't had a lot of news lately, but finally! I'll be releasing collections of my short stories from the various anthologies! And my novels will be releasing in audio in the next few months! They'll be available on Amazon, Audible and from iTunes!

And if you haven't checked out my blog lately, it's a happening place. :-)

May 13: I read from Steamrolled for the BroadPod Reading: Not Quite Human

April 30: Got a lovely new review of Kicking Ashe from Singles Titles! Writing a new book and looking forward to a busy summer! Hope you're following my blog! :-)

April 20: Celebrated 27 years of marriage with the marvelous hubs yesterday, and worked on the new, as yet unnamed novel! For a "Pauline Fix" visit my blog! I post on Mondays and some Thursday (if I don't have a guest that week). Thinking of doing a "name that novel" contest, but I need more of it written first! So, off to the writing mines. Or something like that.

March 10: RT Book Reviews did a lovely article featuring Kicking Ashe on their website. 

Also get a nice week long feature of my Project Enterprise series on Martha's Bookshelf Book Blog. She did The Key, Girl Gone Nova, and Tangled in Time. Steamrolled and Kicking Ashe upcoming.

February 27: Broadly Speaking. I talk romance with some other broads. 

February 22: Kicking Ashe released in kindle edition!

February 20: First release sighting of Kicking Ashe

February 19: Got a book preview for Kicking Ashe! n the side bar!

February 14: Steamrolled won a Catanetwork Reviewer's Choice Award

February 9: If you haven't noticed it yet, I've got the cover art for Kicking Ashe (it's only plastered everywhere, but if you haven't noticed yet, it is to the left. Purple. Has my name at the top. (Grin.)  I've also launched a short contest for the February, just because I'm so excited! Click on contests above or click here to find out how to enter. 

February 2: Update! Kicking Ashe will release 10 March 2012!!!!!

January 16: Updated my website! Added content for Kicking Ashe, including the first excerpt, Behind the Book Interview and playlist page!

January 15: BroadPod: Time travel. I read from Out of Time.

January 14: Turned in Kicking Ashe!

December 22: Have two contests with two Amazon gift cards going on! Long and Short Romance Blog post and Romance Junkies contest (clue: my page is found by clicking the far left soldier!)

December 20: Just posted the blurb for Kicking Ashe!

December 13: Holiday SFR Blitz time! Will also be giving away a copy of Steamrolled during Coffee Time Romance's Santa Watch on Dec 24th!

November 23: A Dangerous Dance releases in print!

November 14: A Dangerous Dance releases at Fictionwise in multiformat digital! Print edition coming soon!

October 28: A Dangerous Dance is releasing! Starting at aRe/Omnilit and now in kindle! 

October 7: I am sorry to report that, due to hubby's recent hip surgery, the release of Falling Ashe will be delayed. Will post when I have more current news!

August 16: Got a great review from FirePages for Steamrolled

August 14: I'm in the BroadPod! And totally forgot to post my Feb BroadPod!

July 26, 2011: Lots going on in August! To celebrate (rather than whine my through it as I usually do!) I'm having a contest!

I'm participating in an anniversary celebration with Long and Short Romance Reviews. It starts August 1 and runs through the end of the month. Lots of great prizes to be had!

And I'm in the Romance Junkies Summer Splash contest!

I'll also be blogging during the Savvy Authors Second Annual Symposium. 

And I'll finish the month with ArmadilloCon in Austin. And watch this space for the release of the August/Steampunk themed BroadPod. :-)

June 30, 2011: My article, The Play's the Thingis in the latest Broadsheet (publication of Broad Universe).

Falling Ashe, the latest installment in my Project Enterprise connected series will release in Nov, 2011. My next release after that will be May, 2012. :-)

June 7, 2011: Steamrolled is out and so is Steam Time, in the digital only Dreamspell Steampunk anthology. I have a pub date for the next release, Falling Ashe. It will release in November! My next, unnamed novel will release May, 2012 (if we're still here - grin) 

April 18, 2011: Steamrolled is releasing! Digital formats are out, print coming (you can preorder at B&N now!) Turned in Steam Time and launched a contest!

March 25, 2011: Lots of great news! Turned in Steamrolled!It will release the end of April! Cover art coming! Also Girl Gone Nova won the Epic Book Award! And it's also up for a Romantic Times Best Book Award! And I will have a short story called Steam Time in the L&L Steampunk anthology! Woot!

Feb, 2011: I found out that Girl Gone Nova won a Reviewer's Choice Award at CataRomance Network! And Out of Time is up for Best Book of 2010 atLong and Short Romance Reviews! Voting open through 2/28/2011. Print editions of my Lonesome Lawmen have released on Amazon and B&N! And I'm within one chapter of having a completed rough draft of Steamrolled!

Wow, I'd have totally forgotten to update this page! Let's see, since my last update, Do Wah Diddy DieThe Spy Who Kissed Me(updated and expanded!)Mystery of the Green MistTangled in Time, and Romance of My Dreams 2 have released! Oh, and my Lonesome Lawmen trilogy! I'm wrapping upSteamrolled, which should release late in April! And I had some free short stories release at Omnilit!


Breaking News! Both Ghostly Dreamspell and Out of Timeare out in kindle editions and GD is available on fictionwise! Also, Girl Gone Nova is #17 on overall bestseller list and #2 on science fiction bestseller list on fictionwise! Woot and thanks to all who made it possible!

Just got the new cover art for Out of Time!!! Digital Release scheduled for June, 2010. There will be very limited print release of my back list. Purchase details will be available here and in my ezine as soon as I have them.

Girl Gone Nova releases at fictionwise, which makes it available for most eReading devices!!! Don't forget to check my contest page, as there is a contest and "gift with purchase" offer from moi!

I also have new on my back list. You can read the whole story here on my blog!

At work on next book, too! Will unveil the title closer to submission to publisher (and pending their approval!)


Some editions for sale (special pricing while supplies last), direct from author. And check out my contest's page!

Still waiting for the release of Girl Gone Nova, which WILL happen by the end of April! For up to date info, Subscribe to Ezine! There will be some specials just for ezine subscribers!(I'll also be doing Twitter and Facebook specials as the book releases!) Stay tuned for new, fun contests and if you are in the Houston area, check out the Author Meet and Greet on May 1st, sponsored by The Read It Again and Again Bookstore.  


The Mystery of the Green Mist releases in print! Buy Print Edition

Some blog visitors have told me they can't comment on my LiveJournal blog, so I'm in the process of opening/shifting my personal blog here. At this point, not sure if I'll keep the LiveJournal blog and cross post or let it go. I've been blogging there since 2005, so we'll have to see. If you have an opinion, let me know!

I have a limited number of my non-fiction handbooks, Made-up Mayhem and Adapting Your Novel for Film that I'm selling at a special rate here while supplies last. I'm also offering a small discount on Managing Your Book Writing Business, also while supplies last, if you want all three non-fiction handbooks.

The Mystery of the Green Mist  releases in Kindle edition! Buy Kindle Edition

Working on new book. Sort of. Lot of it in my head. But its taking shape.

If you are in New Orleans, I'll be doing a workshop at EpicCon, Sheraton Hotel. Conference runs the 5th and 6th. :-)

I posted new cover art for Tangle in Time ! (Sharon Garner won the "Name the Novella" contest!)


It's January and that means a new prize for my run up to Girl Gone Nova release contest! Still haven't done my last two pre-proofs but getting to them! But first I need some lunch...

My steampunk romance novella has been accepted for publication, but it needs a title, so I'm having a "name that novella" contest!

Finished my Lonesome Lawmen preproofs! Also finished The Spy Who Kissed Me and my short story in The Mystery of the Green Mist proofs and sent them in! Still have A Dangerous Dance and Do Wah Diddy Die to finish!

Working on pre-proofs of my Lonesome Lawmen series, so they can be back out early next year! Woot! Turned The Last Enemy in and am halfway through Byte Me. Also launched the December Girl Gone Nova Countdown contest with this prize:


Okay, decided to try this ...

Wrong Time, Wrong Place, Right Girl
A Science Fiction/Steampunk Romance Novella

...on for size. So far I like it okay. Set up pages for the  novella, too. Did an interview and also posted an excerpt. :-)

I have a finished rough draft of my steampunk novella, but not a title! I liked Steamed,  but there is one book releasing with the title and another already out there with the title. Sigh. Out of Time would work, too, but I already used it. I'm really stumped. I don't even have a lame, place holder title for it and I wanted to work on my Behind the Book for it, while it is fresh in my mind.

Also, my sister is working on some steaming cool stuff for the release of Girl Gone Nova and the novella!

My Author Island contest is up and running (this month's prize to the left) and I'm also doing another book launch tomorrow here. It goes live Saturday morning (the 14th) with a $40 Amazon gift card up for grabs!

I'm working hard on my steampunk novella. Not sure where it will take me, but I'm having fun! Will also be doing some contests at Author Island in the run up to the release of Girl Gone Nova.

I'm having a blog launch party for The Key audio book! Here's the prize:

The party starts here on Monday, November 9th, 2009!

October, 2009

Got my cover art and release date! 4/2010!!!!! Almost finished short story for anthology, though its too long.

Got pre-proof of Ghostly Dreamspell anthology! That's a step closer to publication! The anthologies are pretty fun, from my point of view. I get a new book on the shelf and only had to write a short story or two. LOL!

Turned in Girl Gone Nova!!!! Signed the contract. No release date or cover art yet! But its IN!!!

September, 2009

Turned in Out of Time proof! That will be first book to re-release! Hoping Pig in a Park --as The Spy Who Kissed Me -- and with a brand new cover, will be next re-release!

Also did a Behind the Book interview about Girl Gone Nova.

Hopefully you noticed that our THIRD chapter anthology, A Texas Box of Chocolates has released! Here's the scoop on our release party:

Time: September 24, 2009 from 7pm to 9pmLocation:The Chocolate Bar
Street: 1835 West Alabama
City/Town: Houston, Texas
Phone: 713.520.8599
Organized By: The Final Twist

Event Description:
All are invited to the official release party for A Box of Texas Chocolates.

And...I turned in Girl Gone Nova and signed the contract! There's going to be a third book in this series and I'm dying to get to work on that, but have to a short for our fourth anthology first! Also working on pre-proof of Out of Time. I can't wait to see what L&L will do with the cover and interior layout of this book. L&L has a gift for making my books look PRETTY.

July, 2009

The Key  is now available in audio book!

Edits continue on Girl Gone Nova. But I am getting close! Also pulled my back list and will be re-releasing all my books with L&L Dreamspell. No huge reason. Just seemed like the right time to bring all my titles together under one umbrella. :-)

June, 2009

I completed the rough draft of Girl Gone Nova and turned in some short stories to anthologies! I'm hoping to turn GGN into my publisher by the end of July.

In other news, I'll be at ApolloCon this weekend, so if you're go, be sure to look me up. I'll be around The Final Twist Table. :-)

December, 2008

Well, October was interesting and and November I don't want to talk about. Let's just say I'm still here. And Girl Gone Nova is GROWING again! I'll be posting an excerpt sometime after the first of the year, so be sure to check back! Doc (my heroine) is finally speaking to me and telling me her story! It feels GREAT! :-)

Oh, and Managing Your Book Writing Business released! What with getting my trash kicked AGAIN, I almost forgot!

Buy from Fictionwise.

Buy from Amazon.

September, 2008:

A Death in Texas  has released!  You can buy it here:

Buy A Death in Texas from fictionwise.

Buy A Death in Texas from Amazon.

Survived Ike pretty well. Now trying to get my writing mojo back again! I feel like I'm caught in a causality loop!

I'm involved in the CFS Unleash Your Story for September. Our nest is empty and I'm still trying to get my writing mojo back with the fund raiser for CFS. And the launch of A Death in Texas! And then there's the hurricanes....

I need chocolate!

August, 2008: Non-fiction is out! Woot! (links on my home page!) Son back in school. Me trying to work on Girl Gone Nova.

Okay, I took my son to see The Mummy. I owed him big time because he helped me get my computer back up and running after I upgraded my hard drive. Despite the setbacks, I did get some work done on Girl Gone Nova (the title is growing on me. Or growing on the story. It fits in some weird ways.) If you Twitter, I'm paulinejones. I know, original. I need to work on my marketing. **g**

My publisher tells me that my two non-fiction books should go live on amazon be the end of August or sooner. Fictionwise release is coming, too!

July, 2008: Didn't see any movies, so had a pretty productive week. The release of my first two nonfiction books is imminent!

This last week in July has been a mixed bag. Got a lot of family stuff done, and worked on the non-fiction, but not a lot on paper done on the fiction. Lots going on inside my head, though! If I can resist the urge to go to the movies, should be a more productive week from now until the end of the month.

Here's my research for the nonfiction: Perilous Pauline on You Tube

Also involved in two birthday celebrations this month, one at Author Island and one Long and Short Romance Reviews:First Anniversary Banner

I passed most of the Fourth WRITING! Woot! I have a working title for the book, though it's possible that will change over time:

Project Enterprise: Girl Gone Nova

I'm not quite ready to post an excerpt, but hopefully soon!

I also finished Sunbeam, the short in my newsletter, so it will conclude in the next newsletter (subscribe link in the navigation box above). You can read the first part by going to Adventures in Reading or clicking here.

I'm working on the non-fiction, the fiction and mulling contest ideas for the cool stuff my sister sent me, which you can see here. Also updated my blogs and joined Twitter. I'm out of control!

June, 2008: Well, I'm back from the cruise, rested and refreshed and anxious to get moving on the books! Still haven't tackled the novel, but its there in my head, demanding attention! Just need to get the nonfiction out of the way...

May, 2008: I recently read a blog that said readers want to know what an author is working on next. Usually I don't post an upcoming title until:

  • I have a title
  • I have a publication date

Usually I have a title before a publication date. Right now, I have a project in the queue that has neither. I'm hoping that further into the project, the title will come to me. I will tell you that it is:

  • Set in the Garradian universe from The Key
  • Is a stand-alone, spin off or next in the series. I'm not quite sure. I thought it was a sequel, but a discussion on another list made me wonder. It will have characters from The Key, but won't feature Sara and Fyn as the main characters. Fyn does make an appearance in my short story in theDeath in Texas anthology, being released by my local chapter this fall. But he hasn't decided if he will appear in the new book. Sara's conflicted about it, too, now that she's a mom.

If you've read my blog or subscribe to my ezine, then you know why I've been slow getting a book out. I actually started this book last summer, but then real life whacked me upside the head, so I'm just getting back to it. I'm really enjoying getting back into this wild and whacky universe I created and I hope readers will like it, too.

My goal is to have a rough draft by the end of July. We'll see how that goes. If I make my deadline, then it should release in 2009 and should have a title well before then. It might even have a cover by the end of 2008. :-)

If you browse this website you'll also notice that I have two non-fiction books releasing the end of June, two more in the pipeline for a fall release and several short stories in upcoming anthologies (still waiting for release dates). So I haven't been sitting on my hands the whole time.

I want to thank all you wonderful readers who have bought/read The Key and written me or posted reviews. The great feedback has helped keep hope alive while life was kicking me around. :-)

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